The Lotus Essence Tantra- A Retreat from Gomde Denmark


Dharma Friends: We have the excellent fortune of a little retreat this week live and on Zoom. It’s an exceedingly powerful and concise sadhana practice for our times, being taught by my close vajra brother Erik Pema Kunsang, live streamed from Denmark. The power and efficacy of this little practice is incomparable. I was on retreat alone in Crestone many years back and was having terrible obstacles and brought out this practice from my main teacher’s lineage that I had the permission (lung) for. After performing it only once, the deep seated obstacles instantly dissolved like snowflakes on a warm stone. If you can make it, even last minute do join us!

The image is Samantabhadra Padmakara in union with Mandarava that I drew a few years back for this practice, as there is no other image of them in existence that we could find and someday, I will color it in I hope and finish the thangka!  You can see all of the stages here: Thanks to Phakchok Rinpoche and Michael Tweed for their support, I tried really hard to make the lines and them beautiful and passionate, and Guru Rinpoche’s gaze, unfathomable. The drawing kind of drew itself and took many weeks. Thanks so very much to Erik for using this image and teaching us. I’m looking forward to practicing via a zoom retreat with my always kind Danish sangha friends, and others worldwide this week!

lotus essence tantra

The Lotus Essence Tantra

“At Gomde Denmark – July 12 – 17 – we will study and practice this tantra.
“Bearing in mind how Padmasambhava extensively praised this profound tantra with his infallible vajra speech, study this tantra, contemplate it, train in it, memorize it, write copies of it, wear it, use it in your daily recitation, and correctly transmit it to others, fully and widely.”
“Thus, you will increase the activity of Samantabhadra Padmakara until it pervades throughout all of space. In this way exert yourself one-pointedly in constantly spreading its excellent light of benefit and happiness to illuminate not only your own mind but that of others as well.”
–Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo
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Words from Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche about the Lotus Essence Tantra

“My guru uncle Samten Gyatso had many lay students and they all knew the Lotus Essence Tantra by heart. There wasn’t a single one of his students who didn’t know how to chant this tantra. Whenever they had a free moment or even while walking about they would recite it from memory. Many of his old students said that it was very good to chant because whoever hears it will be liberated. That is the kind of pure appreciation that they had.There is a long version of Liberation Through Hearing called the Single Child of All Buddhas Tantra, which is a much longer text but still there were many of Samten Gyatso’s students who knew that by heart as well.

Samten Gyatso once said that, “I have two things through which I can benefit other beings, one is the Single Child of All Buddhas Tantra and the other is the Lotus Essence Tantra. And there is absolutely no doubt about that!” Normally he would never mention anything of the kind, he was what is called a ‘hidden yogi.’ He would never talk about himself as being anything special, not even a single word. He was never heard saying, “I have realized …” or “I am special. I have special qualities.” Not once. He would move around just as if he was a completely ordinary person. But he did say, “There truly are two things that I have which can benefit others. One is the Single Child of All Buddhas Tantra and the other is the Lotus Essence Tantra.”

From Blazing Splendor, the biography of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

Fond memories of the few times we visited the retreat center Gomde Denmark, where they are broadcasting from tomorrow night! If you can ever visit, it is indeed a pure land, and the kindest people ever. These are a few photos, I think from a few different years.
Love to all, always~ may the genuine dharma prevail.
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